Find Out How You're Doing Financially Compared to Other People


They say there is an app for everything, and now there is a free one, Status Money, that will allow you to see where you stand financially. The app allows you to track your income and spending, helps you to reduce fees and interest rates...which can potentially increase your net worth. And the best part is it allows you to compare your finances with other people across the U.S. anonymously. You can now see how you stack up against people who have similar age, income, location, and compare it all to the national average. 

The insights will help to ensure that you are making healthy, informed decisions about your finances. Status Money lets you peek in on important financial wellness stats, such as how much rent you are paying compared to other people in your area, whether or not your loan interest rates are higher than normal, and how much money people your age are currently making at their job. As a bonus, the app also allows you to monitor your credit score! 

Apps like Status Money are essential to those who are looking to improve their finances, and who are wondering about where they stand in comparison to others.