The Catalyst Academy has worked with a number of community and social service organizations to provide Personal Financial Wellness training. We have been able to support these organizations to achieve part of their mission. 

Some of the groups we have supported include:

Career Center Training

In addition to resume writing and interview skill training, a Career Development Center added our Personal Financial Wellness training for their clients. The belief was that during the “job hunt” process families would need support with the financial stress that comes with a job loss.

Social Service Organizations

Catalyst Academy has provided financial education programming for a number of social service agencies. These programs have supported these organizations that serve families with young children, poverty challenged, job loss, GED training, homelessness.



Churches have worked with us to help them support their mission of ministering to the needs of their parish community. Most churches have programs already in place to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, provide shelter to the homeless, but few are ministering to one of the primary causes of stress and leading cause of divorce in North America...Financial stress.


Library Programs

Catalyst Academy has supported community libraries with adult education programs that provide needed community training in financial literacy, budgeting, and money management for families.


Park and Recreation Departments

Many communities have vibrant adult recreation programs. The Catalyst Academy has assisted in helping Park Districts offer a more well rounded curriculum that helps meet their goal of offering programming that meets the physical, intellectual, spiritual and emotional well being of their residents.