CATALYST ACADEMY was founded in early 2016, recognizing the stress that millions of individuals and families face with managing their personal finances. This stress is directly related to relationship problems, health problems, and substance abuse.

Since its inception, the founders Michael and Pam Sass have been funding the entire company with their own resources. They hired staff, rented office space, purchased equipment, and marketing materials. They considered this "pro bono " work for a cause for which they felt considerable passion.


In this past year since starting the organization, the requests for support from individuals was so strong and they decided to develop a formal nonprofit organization.

We are confident that the development of a non-profit educational and charitable organization will help us better serve the many individuals and families in our country who are in need of personal financial education and training.

In addition, by organizing CATALYST ACADEMY in this manner, we will be able to address the requests we have received from legislators, philanthropic organizations, churches, and individual citizens who have recognized the need for this service and desire to support our mission. 

CATALYST ACADEMY will now be in the position to be the recipient of grant awards, donations, and other types of support. These new resources will allow us to expand the personal financial seminars, individual coaching, advocacy work, social media communications and newsletters we provide to a rapidly growing group of individuals nationwide.