A number of individuals after attending one of our group seminars have made requests to be coached individually. 

We will meet with individuals or couples for a private assessment of their needs. If we believe we can support them we will:

                                            - Assist with developing a written family budget

                                            - Evaluate existing debt and develop a plan for repayment

                                            - Evaluate savings plan

                                            - Evaluate retirement plans

                                            - Develop written financial goals

Our primary goal through these appointments is to motivate folks to take action, educate them on financial needs, and empower them to be independent. In some cases, we will serve as ADVOCATES and attend meetings with our clients, call creditors with them, etc. We have dozens of individual clients in the Baltimore/Washington DC Metro area, Charlotte NC, Chicago and Los Angeles.

Our clients continue to enjoy working with us and refer their friends to us because:

They trust us
They get first class service
We do not judge or lecture them

We are excellent teachers and they feel they learn new skills
They know we “ have their back”