Michael Sass Founder/President Catalyst Academy

Michael Sass
Founder/President Catalyst Academy

Doctor Sass Nominated for the award by Jim Flynn

Jim Flynn is a retired hospitality industry executive who regularly consults for hospitality interests; he also does volunteer work for nonprofits in Charleston, SC where he resides. Jim Flynn met Dr. Sass when they attended school together years ago, and witnessed first-hand a metamorphosis in the good doctor watching him from go from being a graduate student, new husband and father struggling to make ends meet, to a Superintendent of Schools dedicated to helping others avoid making the same financial missteps he had. “Even recognizing that certain debt such as school loans may be unavoidable for many, Dr. Sass has remained passionate in counseling others over the years helping people minimize their financial burdens and helping them plan their road to financial well being” said Flynn.


Making a difference doesn't stop as you age. Millions of older adults are using their experience to give back, to solve problems, and to change lives. The AARP® Purpose Prize® award honors extraordinary individuals who use their life experience to make a better future for all. “The AARP Purpose Prize is all about a new story of aging — focusing on experience and innovation and the idea that our aging population is an untapped resource full of possibilities,” said AARP CEO Jo Ann Jenkins. “AARP Purpose Prize winners and nominees are role models. They are makers and doers who are out there creating new solutions that make the world a better place for people of all ages.” Included within the AARP Purpose Prize is the Andrus Prize for Intergenerational Excellence. This award celebrates the legacy of AARP’s founder, Dr. Ethel Percy Andrus.  Dr. Andrus was an innovative educator and social change agent. The Andrus Prize for Intergenerational Excellence recognizes work that brings multiple generations together for a better community.