From coast to coast, Catalyst Academy has been working with groups at vocational centers, public libraries, young parents support centers, Pre-Cana marriage preparation classes, and with individuals referred to the organization. 

We have heard the saddest stories from people: thoughts that suicide is their only way out, that they have been evicted, their marriages crumbled – all because of money! But we have heard the most uplifting stories also – young mothers so happy about earning their GED’s, couples paying for their wedding in cash, people so thrilled that they have an emergency plan in place and they are able to finally sleep at night!


Requests for presentations, individual coaching, social media communications and advocacy have grown…as have the expenses. Mike and Pam Sass have been self-funding this cause from the start, because they quickly realized that none of the people in need of financial education and counseling were able to pay for that assistance.  

Therefore, they began the lengthy and expensive process of becoming a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation in order to be eligible to receive state and federal grants. In early 2017, with the help of their unpaid founding board members, Caitlin Thompson and Meghan Raftery, they were granted that status. 

Your generous donation can help their efforts: