Mike is amazing! He gave me hope, encouragement, and advice to become financially savvy. Mike is a genuine kind person who has helped me find peace again. Thank you!!!
— Deb (Illinois)
“I have known Dr. Michael Sass and Pam Sass my entire adult life. We have collaborated on numerous projects over the years. With Mike and Pam and The Catalyst Academy what you see is what you get.
Best I can tell they are taking their lifetimes of personal and professional experience and developing programs to help others, particularly young people, better their lives. Bravo.”
— Jim Flynn, Principle at Relay Marketing
“The guidance and one-on-one meetings make financial decisions seem less scary. As a younger person I didn’t know of all the ways to save and ways to learn. Mike really takes the time to get to know me, my goals and my future plans. I have and will continue to recommend this company. As an educator, I will never stop learning and this program helped me continue my life goals. Thanks for all the hard work and effort you provide your clients.”
— Erika, Head of KG
“Not only did the Catalyst Group train me on how to create realistic budgets, but Mike Sass made sure to get to know my entire life situation/style to truly understand where my money was going and what big financial goals I needed to set for myself to assure I felt financially confident. These sessions of course are a two way street and for someone my age (26) it has been an extremely difficult meeting my monthly budgets, but at least now I know where my money is going. Michael Sass is a knowledgeable man and I’m glad to have had the pleasure to gain so much knowledge regarding finances. ‘Every Dollar is on a mission’ Thanks Catalyst Group!”
— Stave Salas of Boxaplex
Mike and Pam have helped me greatly with various tasks in my life that seemed impossible for me to take on, and they went the extra mile to help me with various very important things. Mike helped me create a smart budget, a realistic budget that I felt like I could accomplish, making it easier for me not to be stressed out all the time with debt. Mike also helped me with schools for my children making calls, going to meetings, going really out of his way to help me and my children. They are God sent and I’m not exaggerating. Thank you Mike and Pam!
— Carlos (Maryland)
“The Catalyst Academy has provided immediate information to assist building a positive financial future for myself and my family by creating and building a relationship of knowledge and trust. Their expertise has allowed me to ask the financial questions I have been afraid to ask before. They work with their clients to feel more confident about taking control of their assets and building a legacy for their families.”
— Christine (Illinois)
“I have known Mike and Pam for years and valued their advice regarding professional life and personal finance greatly. They both care greatly for others and are more than helpful, they’re inspirational. The Catalyst Academy can teach everyone useful techniques to insure and grow their own personal financial portfolios.”
— Katie K, Educator
“Great to work with and an abundance of knowledge & experience.”
— K. Sigrist, Preschool Teacher
“I’m 78 years old stressing over my budget for my retirement after many searches I found the Catalyst Academy. After my first meeting with Mike, I knew I was on my way to getting my finances in order. Now I am making great progress with Mike. This is a wonderful group to work with. Mike is so friendly, and so professional that I feel comfortable with him. Mike takes his time with you and explains all options and everything that he is doing for me. Mike will answer any questions you may have. Mike and the Catalyst Academy have and still are fantastic to work with. I would and do recommend them to my family and friends. Mike is Fantastic!!! They are available to contact in many ways. Check them out if you need financial help.”
— Rosalie Danna, Client
“Thank you for the support you gave us. You are respectful to everyone. That is what makes you a great educator and leader. I know you are not finished making a positive impact in the lives of others.”
— Eileen (Illinois)
“Catalyst Academy, with Mike and Pam Sass at the helm, provides a great service to those in need. As someone who has personally experienced their knowledge of personal and professional finance, along with the leadership skills and coaching necessary to reach timely goals, I would highly recommend them to assist you, your business, or a personal contact that you may recommend. Mike Sass has a way of making you feel very comfortable, sometimes talking about something not so comfortable—-finance. His skills in giving me examples while coaching of some real-life experiences is just one reason I am highly recommending this team.
Catalyst Academy is to me, one of kind. A business built on trust, caring, listening, years of experience, knowledge and personal experience drive me to write this review. As I said, they really are a one-of-a-kind and unique business.”
— Beth B, Account Executive
“Your support and push for “balance” in the lives of teachers has had a tremendous positive impact on my family. For that I will always be grateful! You are a wise, kind, and generous man”
— Jenny (Illinois)
“The Catalyst Group L.A. provides great support for our non-profit organization. They are knowledgeable and thorough, and have provided timely and much-needed tax service with utmost professionalism. The Catalyst is our go-to partner for all our tax needs and I recommend them as an excellent resource.”
— Vera Mijojlic, President, South East European Film Festival in Los Angeles.
“Catalyst Academy helped us resolving IRS issues in an efficient and respectful manner! No judgment, just helpful and accurate work! Thank you, Catalyst Academy!!”
— McLeese Landscapes, Vice President P
“I met Dr. Sass through taking his 3-week workshop at Plummer Park in West Hollywood. I had only been living in the area for 8 or so months at a time and I’m so grateful I met him. In the short time I’ve known Dr. Sass I was re-motivated to pay down a lot of credit card debt through his positive problem-solving energy and his guidance. He has already coached not only me, but a few of my friends and coworkers and I can’t thank him enough. His wife Pam has even helped me save over $1,000, by assisting with my taxes, they make such a great team, I have now saved more than I had in my accounts previously and am prepared for a financial emergency in case it comes my way. Although I still have a lot of work to do, I have gained confidence in myself and my finances, with a more optimistic outlook for my financial future”
— Chris
“Pam Sass assisted with my tax preparation for 2015. She was beyond helpful and kindly stayed late hours to work around my schedule. Her knowledge of personal finance and all around helpful demeanor made the normal nightmare process of tax filing an organized and pleasant experience.”
— Rick Krimbel, Music Supervisor (Los Angeles, CA)
“Dr. Sass has been instrumental in establishing a clear and highly effective financial pathway for my family in providing excellent advice, support, and resources. It is obvious he has extensive knowledge and a wide array of experiences in regards to financial planning. Dr. Sass has my highest recommendation—both personally and professionally.”
— S. Fowler, College/Career Coordinator
“Mike and Pam are easily the most knowledgeable people on the topic of finance that I’ve had the pleasure of engaging. They are professional, compassionate, and approachable. They helped me distill complicated, perplexing issues down to their core components, and I walked away from our time together feeling more confident in my ability to manage my finances. I cannot recommend their services enough.”
— Paul, Narrative Designer
“Thank you Catalyst Academy. When I attended your seminar, I knew right then you were the ones to help me with my situation. I love the caring, helping feeling you provide. Thanks again.”
— Charlene, Client
“Dedicated to helping others help themselves, the Catalyst Academy offers first-rate financial education to build solid financial understanding for families and individuals to make sound financial decisions affecting their lives. In an effort to fill the gap our education systems has in providing financial intelligence to citizens of all age groups, these professionals seek to share their knowledge to help ask the right questions to yield the best answers toward building a worry free approach to personal finance.”
“Excellent to work with. Down to earth and very knowledgeable. Dedicated and Honest.”
— Gerard M. Sawa, Proud American
“Thanks for all of your help in helping us set up our budget and communicate about money. We reference things you have told us all the time.
P.S. Daniel and I got married recently.... we saved and paid for the wedding in full!!”
— Kim (Maryland)
“I thank God for having our paths cross EVERYDAY! You have always been there to support me”
— Ann (Illinois)
“What a great class to learn about money. It helped me in all aspects of my life.”
— Julie (California)
“I appreciated your integrity, energy, and insights. You made a difference”
— Tim (California)
“Your strength comes from your caring heart! You make a difference”
— Dan (Illinois)
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— Claire C.
“Catalyst Academy is a company run from the heart. In a world where financial stability is crucial, our schools lack even the most fundamental financial education. Catalyst Academy uses a common sense approach to bridge that gap. They provide clients with the tools to get started on a path to financial well-being beginning “right now”.”
— Kathy M, Client
“Very happy with the work.”
— Maria Johnson, Client
“Crossing paths with mike and pam at the catalyst group has definitely been one of the best things that happened to me this year. They have truly helped me solve things of financial nature that I would never have been able to figure out on my own. They have also educated and guided me on important matters I believe many other people struggle with as well, I have felt extremely supported and safe during the time I have worked with mike and pam. And I look forward to working with them in the future. Learning and improving myself and my financial future. Without hesitation recommend anyone to work with them: they are excellent problem solvers, experienced, trustworthy, and most important fun and relatable people.”
— Amanda